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Product Code : CJ1M
Manufacturer : Omron
Price : Call for Pricing

CJ1M-CPU11/21 Added to Series!

Small yet Powerful, and Now in More Cost-efficient Models

Lineup of Low-end CPU Units with Basic Functions Plus High Added Value

  • Program capacity of 5 Ksteps and up to 160 I/O points: For small-scale machine control yet including all the basic functions of the CJ Series.

  • Standard features include a Memory Card interface and RS-232C port for serial communications.

  • CPU Units with Pulse I/O have built-in high-speed counter inputs and pulse outputs for greater added value for machines.

Choose the optimum units to suits the application.

The CJ1M-CPU11/21 are supported by CX-Programmer.

CJ1M-CPU11/21 Features

Save Space

Flexible combinations enables space saving with no backplane

Improve Productivity

Execute LD instructions at 100 ns and MOV instructions at 0.3 s for higher machine speed.

Broad Range of Communications with RS-232C Port without Special Programming

Linking to a PT or between CJ1M CPU Units is supported as a standard feature.

Perform exclusive control between the machine and loaders/unloaders.

Flexible Data Handling with Memory Cards

Memory Card Applications

Features of the CJ1M-CPU21 CPU Unit with Pulse I/O

Encoder Inputs for Two Axes

100-kHz single phase, or 50-kHz-phase-differential pulse inputs

Measure Rotation Data

Convert from high-speed counter input pulses to rotation speeds (or total rotations) (new PRV2 instruction).

Four Interrupt of Quick-response Inputs

Quick response inputs do not require a special Interrupt Input Unit.

High-precision Pulse with Variable Duty Factor (PWM) Output

The duty ratio can be set in 0.1% units. Fine-tune valve opening/closing.

High-speed Pulse Outputs for Two Axes

Wide variety of pulse output functions, such as 100-kHz isokinetic or trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration for speed control, origin searches, trapezoidal positioning with acceleration/deceleration, interrupt feeding, and changing the target position during positioning.

Position control, original search, interrupt feeding, changing target position, high-speed control.

Acceleration/Deceleration with Shock Suppression

S-curve acceleration/deceleration decreases vibration during high-speed positioning in equipment with low rigidity.

Common Features

Fast, Small and Seamless!

The CJ1 Series has expanded to meet the requirements of compact and general-purpose devices and to support the downsizing of machinery with greater added value.

Contributing to Machine Downsizing

The CPU Unit is half the size of the CJ1G/CJ1H CPU Unit.

Compact design that allows use in devices of shoulder-width dimensions or smaller.

Built-in Positioning Functions

Lineup includes CPU Unit with built-in pulse input/output functions. This CPU Unit can be used for simple positioning, allowing further downsizing.

Pulse output function, counter function and interrupt function can be used in the same time.

Combining Units with Greater Efficiency

The CJ1M does not require a backplane allowing Units to be combined flexibly. Despite not having a backplane, it is still possible to leave words empty for future expansion. Systems can be expanded to include more I/O without making any changes to existing I/O word allocations.

Uses the same construction as the CQM1 where no backplane required.

More freedom and higher precision pulse I/O control provides greater added value to machines.

Suitable for:

  • Packaging equipment

  • Foodstuff equipment

  • Electronic component assembly equipment

  • Inspection equipment

  • Substrate transfer equipment

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