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Product Code : CP1H
Manufacturer : Omron
Price : Call for Pricing

Pulse Output Function

Four Axes are Standard.

Advanced Power for High-precision Positioning Control.


• Electrolytic Capacitor Assembly by Electronic Component Manufacturing Equipment

• Sheet Feeding for Vertical Pillow Packer


Pulse Output Function for Up to Four Axes



A Full Range of Functions


Original Search Function (ORG Instruction), Positioning with Trapezoidal Acceleration and Deceleration (PLS2 Instruction), Interrupt Feeding (ACC and PLS2 Instructions)



1 MHz High-speed Pulse Output


High-speed Pulse Output

CP1H-Y CPU Units offer built-in 1-MHz line-driver I/O.
• Line-driver outputs: Two each for CW and CCW.
• Line-driver inputs: Two each for phases A, B, and Z.
CP1H-Y CPU Units also have 20 normal I/O points (12 inputs and 8 outputs), and can provide 100-kHz high-speed counter inputs for two axes and 30-kHz pulse outputs for two axes.



High-speed Counter Function

Differential Phases for Four Axes Are Standard.

Easily Handles Multi-axis Control with a Single Unit.


• Main-axis Control for Equipment Such as Textile Machinery or Spinning Machinery

• Positioning Conveyance for Equipment Such as Building Material Manufacturing Machinery and

Stone-cutting Machinery


Four-axis Counter Function (Single-phase or Differential Phase)




Up to Eight Interrupt Inputs Can Be Used


Eight interrupt inputs are built in. Quick-response inputs for pulse widths of 50 µs.

The interrupt inputs can also be used as single-phase counters. (Response frequency: 5 kHz total for 8 inputs)


The 8 normal inputs (6 for Y CPU Units) can be selected in the PLC setup as interrupt, quick-response or counter inputs.



Faster Instruction Process Time


Compared with the CPM2A, basic instructions are processed at least six times faster and MOV instructions are process 26 times faster.

Processing has been speeded up for not only basic instructions but for special instructions as well. Faster processing of approximately 400 instructions helps to speed up the entire system.


Fast Instruction Process Time compared to previous model




Analog I/O

Four Input Words and Two Output Words for XA CPU Units.

Analog Control and Monitoring with Only a Single CPU Unit.


• Surface Inspections Using Inspection Devices

• Mechanisms to Prevent Careless Mistakes in Cell Production (Such as Forgetting to Tighten Screws)

• Oil Pressure Control in Forming Machines


Analog Control without Using Expansion Units


Oil Pressure Control and Inspection Devices Application




Serial Communications

A Standard USB Port and Two Serial Ports Enable Connections  and Communications with a Wide Range of Components



Serial Communication Diagram




Modbus-RTU Easy Master


Connecting Inverter Speed Control Is Made Simple Using the Modbus-RTU Easy Master.
When the address, function, and data for a slave device are preset in a fixed memory area (DM Area), a message can be sent or received simply by turning ON an AR Area bit (A640.00 for port 1 or A641.00 for port 2) in the PLC.


Modbus-RTU Communication Diagram




Serial PLC Links


When multiple boilers are being controlled, up to 10 words/Unit of data for settings and monitoring can be exchanged using data links between up to nine CP1H (or CJ1M) CPU Units. PLC Links can be used with either serial port 1 or serial port 2.


Serial PLC Links




Flexible System Configuration

Flexibly Adjust the System Configuration to the Application by Adding Up to 7 CPM-series Expansion I/O Units, Expanding Functionality, and Connecting to Networks.



CJ-series Special I/O Units and CPU Bus Units can be connected to meet current needs or to expand the system in the future.



Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance and Startup Adjustments with LCD Displays and Settings New!


Attach an LCD Option Board to the CPU Unit to easily monitor or change data values in the PLC to visually check error status.


CP1W-DAM01 LCD Option Board: The Board can be used only in the option board slot 1.




Handy Built-in Functions Make Maintenance Easier


Analog Inputs Are Made Simple

An analog adjustment and an external analog setting input connector are provided.



Analog adjustment and external analog setting input connector




Status Displayed on 7-segment Display

  • The 7-segment display provides two display digits.

  • In addition to displaying error codes for errors detected by the PLC, codes can be displayed on the display from the ladder program.

  • The 7-segment display is useful for maintenance as well, allowing problems that arise during system operation to be grasped without using any Support Software.

Example display: A memory error occurs in the UM.

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