CS-800CS1H / CS1G
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Product Code : CS1D
Manufacturer : Omron
Price : Call for Pricing

Product Lineup


With the CS1D, you can select from a variety of redundant systems.


In addition to duplexed CPU Units and Power Supply Units, the customer can duplex other components, such as Communications Units (Controller Link or Ethernet) and Expansion Cables, to match the system requirements and provide a diverse range of duplex system configurations.


SYSTEM 1: Duplex CPU, Dual I/O Expansion System


The entire system can be duplexed, including a Duplex CPU System, Expansion System, and Expansion Cables, for superior redundancy and maintainability.


Duplex CPU, Dual I/O Expansion System



SYSTEM 2: Duplex CPU, Single I/O Expansion System


The main system components (such as the CPU Units, Power Supply Units, and Communications Units) can be duplexed and a Programming Device can be used to replace the Units during operation. This system is equivalent to the previous Duplex CPU System.


Duplex CPU, Single I/O Expansion System




SYSTEM 3: Single CPU System


This system is ideal when you want to improve network redundancy and replace a Power Supply Unit or other Units online. The CPU Unit cannot be duplexed.


Single CPU System





The CS1D supports a variety of network configurations.


Ethernet can be duplexed as well as Controller Link, which both have a proven track record in FA applications.

In addition, a variety of networks are available for lower-level I/O, including DeviceNet, CompoNet, and the MECHATROLINK-II Motion Controller network. Both DeviceNet and CompoNet are open networks that boast a proven track record with the CS1 Series.


Duplexing Communication Units


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Equipped with New Functions for Maintenance!


Special Programming Devices and Displays are not required for Online Unit Replacement.

  • A computer is not needed for onsite operations!

  • Units can be replaced without knowing Programming Device procedures!

While power is ON and the PLC is operating, unit replacement can be performed directly. Special programming device not required.


Units and Expansion Backplanes can be added online.

  • Functions can be added easily after the system has started operating, even if the system cannot be turned OFF or stopped.

  • Adjustments and improvements can be easily made when setting up new systems without turning OFF the power.

(1) Mount additional Unit in Backplane (2) Set Unit in added slot (3) Use the menu item to add a Unit online. It is necessary to stop the equipment even when adding Units.


While online, a Unit can be added easily to an empty slot. (This function is supported in Duplex CPU Single I/O Expansion Systems and Duplex CPU Dual I/O Expansion Systems.)

In addition, an Expansion Backplane as well as its mounted Units can be added easily.



Even Stronger Redundancy!


Expansion Cables can be duplexed and Units can be replaced Online.


By duplexing the Expansion Units and Expansion Cables, the Expansion Cables are duplexed and can be replaced during operation. In addition, cable disconnections are monitored so failures can be located easily.


Diagram that illustrates online replacement.


Duplex Units can be replaced online.


Operation continues in the active CPU Unit. The Duplex Unit is replaced. When the initialization (INIT) Switch on the front of the Duplex Unit is turned ON, the CPU Unit will return to duplex status.

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