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Product Code : CVM1D
Manufacturer : Omron
Price : Call for Pricing


Double CPU Units, Duplex Unit, Double Power Supply Units.

Duplex System

Hot Standby Method

The hot standby method is a method where the two CPU units are simultaneously performing calculating functions. One CPU Unit performs control functions and the other is placed on standby while it is executing the calculating functions.

If the CPU Unit performing control functions detects an error and stops, then control functions switch immediately over to the CPU Unit that is on standby. The two CPU Units are synchronized to process program, data memory, timer, counter, and other data in order to ensure a smooth transition between them.

Online I/O Unit Switching

I/O Units on CPU, CPU Expansion, and I/O Expansion Racks can be replaced from the Programming Console while the system is running unless a Special I/O Unit is mounted on the same Rack.

Advanced Communications Functions

Compatibility with information-based networks

Data can be exchanged with a host computer through an Ethernet Unit via the TCP/IP, UDP/IP and FTP information-based network protocols.

Communications between CVM1 and CV, CVM1 and C, as well as between CVM1 Units

Controller Link, SYSMAC LINK or other Link Units can be used to build networks that link Programmable Controllers for C, CV, and CVM1 Units.

Building multi-vendor networks using CompoBus/D

CompoBus/D can be used to build a component bus capable of controlling a maximum of 63 Remote I/O Units, or a combines maximum of 2,048 I/O points. Since CompoBus/D conforms to DeviceNet standards, any DeviceNet slave units made it the world can be used on the network.

Inherits Advantages from the CVM1

Able to use CVM1 I/O, Special I/O, and Communications Units

The present system can use the wide array of available SYSMAC C-series Units as well as C and CVM1-series programs.

Inherits vast array of functions from the CVM1

  • Built-in-clock function

  • Built-in peripheral interface

  • Built-in host link

  • Vast array of instructions

  • Space-saving design

  • Excellent cost performance

High Speed and Large Capacity

High-speed Processing at 0.125 s

The present system is capable of processing basic instructions at less than 0.125 s and special instructions at less then 0.5s, thus ensuring higher machine productivity.

Large 62K-word program capacity and 24-K word data memory capacity

The present system offers large capacity with 2,048-I/O point capacity, 24-K word data memory capacity (Expansion Data Memory for up to 256K words) and 62K-word program capacity. No need to worry about running out of memory either, even when connected to a PT so that you can experience the full power of all PT Functions.

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